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Things you didn’t know about casinos

A casino is a place or a building that deals with a certain type of gambling activities. Casinos have always been known for the energetic ambiance and the fun-filled atmosphere. But there is this other side which has always remained an unanswered question to most of us. The fact that most people haven’t been to a casino is the reason why most of us have no idea how it functions and what exactly is the process that is going on.

Here are some facts that you didn’t know about casinos


Self-banning is the process of getting yourself banned from the casinos. If you feel that you are addicted to gambling and casinos, there is a program called Voluntary Exclusion program which allows you to ban yourself from all the casinos. Bu this program stepping inside the casino makes it a punishable crime.

Casinos and sandwich

Casinos and sandwich these two names really don’t go well with each other and sounds very unrelated.  Casinos and sandwich both share a history together. Can you believe that the sandwich was invented in a casino? It was not a conscious effort. In 1756 a guy named John Montagu who was so addicted to gambling was not ready even to leave the table. Hence he asked the staff to bring meat placed between the sliced bread and hence the sandwich was born.

A cab, a casino

It is said that the world’s smallest casino does not have a permanent address. It is a mobile casino which is run behind a cab. The casino has a gaming table, a bar and also a TV. The name of the casino is Grosvenor Casino in London.

The gambling capital


Thanks to the reach of Hollywood movies, the first name that strikes our minds when we hear the word gambling is Las Vegas. But sadly Las Vegas is not the gambling capital in the world. The city of Macau in China is the gambling capital of the world. The best part is, it is legal to gamble in Macau. It is said that the revenues in the casinos in Macau are almost five times higher than the casinos in Las Vegas.

The money makers

If you have ever thought that gambling is the one that is contributing to the revenues of casinos, well you are wrong. In most of the casinos, the penny slots contribute more than 70% of the revenue for the casino. The penny slots actually gained more popularity in the early 2000s.

Japan- A strict no

It is actually not a huge surprise that casinos are illegal in Japan. A country that is known for putting out some hard work gambling for them is nothing less than a taboo. Like every human being, the gamblers have found some loopholes. It is gambling that is illegal not Pachinko parlors. It is a game machine that enables the player to win silver balls. These silver balls can be traded for alcohol and other things. It can also be exchanged for special prize tokens which can be traded for money in specific state-regulated shops.

State of gambling in Malaysia

Malaysia, being one of the countries in Asia like Japan, the legality of gambling is not as straightforward as we thought. The only land-based casino is legal in Malaysia while online gambling is illegal in Malaysia. However, despite being prohibited by the governments, online casino Malaysia is still very popular there.

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